Syne Studio x Style Theory Large Tote in Grey Red


Syne Studio x Style Theory Large Tote in Grey Red

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The form of these bags originated from a single rectangle folded to create a bag, inspired by origami techniques that begin as a flat piece of paper. Syne processed the apparel pieces from Style Theory into usable pieces of fabric, before forming them into bags that showcase the original patterns found on the retired pieces of clothing. 

The bags have a deep middle pocket and a wide over the shoulder sling that is comfortable for whatever you choose to place within the bags. The outer pattern fabric is then completed with a thick inner lining to ensure the bag remains durable for everyday use.


  • Dimensions:  53cm x 53cm
  • Strap Length: 36cm
  • Colour: Multicoloured and printed patterns
  • Material: Cotton / Polyester 

Care Instructions

  1. Machine Washable
  2. Place in laundry bags to preserve the shape of the bag.