Care Instructions

Our kimonos and fabrics are vintage pieces that use traditional forms of hand-stitching, dyeing, and showcase intricate embroideries, paintings and patterns on the fabrics. Traditionally, you can leave these pieces in a well ventilated area after being worn rather than constantly washing it. 

We would highly recommend dry cleaning these pieces to prolong their life and to preserve the beautiful forms of these wearable pieces of art. At the same time if you would like to wash these pieces yourself, we would recommend the following steps to hand wash these pieces lightly:

1. Create a light mix of detergent and water in a bucket

2. Dip the kimono or fabric into the bucket, till it has soaked up the detergent water mixture

3. Pour the mixture away and replace with clean water

4. Dip the kimono or fabric in the bucket of clean water

5. Hang out to drip dry

Note: Do not wring the kimono or fabrics as this can damage it. Machine washing the pieces, when even on delicate setting can also damage the pieces. We do not advise for machine washing the kimonos or fabrics. Leaving the pieces in water for a prolong period of time will also damage it.