Upcycling Kit - Tote Bag

Instructional Video



1. Cut the accent fabrics with the scissors and plan out where you would like to place them on the tote bag. Leave an extra 1/2 inch edge on the fabric which will be folded inwards at the next step.

2. Fold the 1/2 inch edges inward, then fill the inner fold with glue and iron from the outside to activate the glue.

3. Place the fabrics onto the tote bag, and use the glue to attach the two pieces together. Iron to activate the glue.

4. [Optional] Hand stitch the edges of the accent fabrics onto the tote bag. We would advise a simple running stitch. But if you would like to explore other stitches, we suggest this checking out this article for a detailed look into options: 12 Types of Hand Sewing Stitches