Seed Paper Planting Instructions


The card/tag you have with you has been made from plantable seed paper, allowing us to add a little greenery back into our surrounding. We hope you will give this simple but important piece a second life by following the instructions below:

Planting Instructions:

  • Tip: Soak the paper in water overnight before planting. Be careful when
    removing the paper from the water the next day as it will be soft and soggy.
    This should help the seeds germinate faster.
  • Prepare pot with 2/3 full good potting soil (recommended for indoors)
  • Cover the plantable paper with soil, about 3mm deep.
  • Soak the soil so that it is nicely damp, but not ponding.
  • Keep the paper moist for the first 10 days at all times – to germinate the seeds.
  • If germination is successful, sprouts will appear at 2 – 3 weeks.