MAE syne

The synergy between three individuals sparked a hysteria which led to the birth. of MAE Syne, a new collection of heritage one-off kimonos that will officially launch on Easter Day. The experiential exhibition will be held at luxury self-photography studio, Shoot Yourself, Pearl’s Hill Terrace.

MAE Syne is a curation of wearable art pieces, originally handcrafted by Japanese artisans, and restored by Syne to revive these kimonos and obis to their original form. The name MAE is the Romanised pronunciation of the Japanese word "", which means ago or before, tying closely to the name Syne, that has the same meaning. These names represent the foundation and beginnings of the brand.

The MAE Syne collection brings to light the methods of different eras in the history of kimonos, from embroidery styles to hand painted pieces and specialised dyeing techniques. These pieces represent luxury without forgoing ecological consciousness.

In an electrifying meeting between the two brands, the trio bounced off ideas for a new collection and experiential showcase, from music selection, high impact visual merchandising, cresting a Zen Garden, brand development, to handpicking unique kimonos.

“We look forward to meeting artisans and buyers who appreciate the uniqueness and craft of Japanese fabric; the ability to transform an incredible conservative and inflexible tradition into a modern time personal. The self-photography studio will be transformed into a Japanese exhibition, showcasing the finest heritage pieces from MAE Syne. Successful buyers have the option of a complimentary style and shoot session in their new royal apparels.” says Ryan Hong, co-founder of Shoot Yourself.

An experiential exhibition to showcase the first collection of MAE Syne will take place from 15 to 17 April 2022, Friday to Sunday at 195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace, #03-17. RSVP at to attend this event!

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