Syne X Style Theory

Launching on on 22nd December 2022
Created from retired off season items from Style Theory’s past collections, these bags represent the potential of a circular production within the fashion industry. Made entirely out of fabrics that have been salvaged from clothing that are traditionally slated to be discarded, the bags are crafted to to ignite the latent potential of unwanted apparel. Each piece is unique and a one off, due to the low quantities of original clothing styles. 
The capsule collection between the two brands formed into a larger bag made from apparel that had large panels of fabric, and a smaller bag that was created from the remainder of the scrap materials.

The form of these larger bags originated from a single rectangle folded to create a bag, inspired by origami techniques that begin as a flat piece of paper. Syne processed the apparel pieces from Style Theory into usable pieces of fabric, before forming them into bags that showcase the original patterns found on the retired pieces of clothing.
The smaller bags are created with the smaller panels of fabrics that are salvaged from the retired apparels. Crafted with deadstock fabrics for a clean look on the outside, the patterned fabric is showcased on the inner side of the pockets, giving it a subtle pop of colour when the pockets are opened up.