MAE syne launch

What an amazing weekend it has truly been. From 15th April to 17th April, we launched our new sustainable luxury collection in collaboration with Shoot Yourself self photography studio. Taking over their studio as an appointment only gallery for those who came to experience the beauty of wearable art pieces in the forms of kimonos and obis. 
During this event we took the chance to embrace syne's values of ecological consciousness. Our tags were made from recycled bamboo reeds, and we printed information for each kimono on plantable seed paper. This only complimented how each kimono we showcased had such amazing motifs filled with history, and how each piece showcased many artisans skills that we can no longer recreate. 
It was amazing that we also got a feature on The Business Times. We are so thankful that it was such a success and are working on building a site for MAE syne to continue to be appreciated by those who are seeking for a luxurious step into sustainability.
At the same time, we have begun planning our future events in the coming year! Our next big event in mind would be a trunk sale showcasing pieces that have slightly more common techniques used in production, stay tuned by signing up to our mailing list here