Cloudstreet X Syne

Placemat, tableware in Cloudstreet Restaurant
Cloudstreet is internationally recognized for their food, having multiple accolades for their amazing flavours and attention to details. That perspective and approach carries on to their styling of the restaurant and to their tableware. They approached us to create a set of placemats that would coincide with their newly updated menu.
Placemats, Cloudstreet, Customized Pieces, Kimono Fabrics
Taking inspiration from the book Cloudstreet, that inspired the name of the restaurant, we allowed each placemat to have a character of their own. Incorporating salvaged kimono fabrics as highlights on each piece, with unique shapes and colors. 
Cloudstreet Restaurant Placemats, Customized, Kimono Fabrics
Cloudstreet and Syne aligned our fundamentals of being socially and ecologically aware of our impacts in our industries. With both brands holding a heavy importance on details and being able to draw inspiration from the past, this collaboration allowed us to develop customised placemats that were true to both brands.